Notes from a knitting mom

Notes from a knitting mom

Friday, April 30, 2010

The sound that has changed my life forever!

My lovely 2 and a half year old daughter woke me up this morning by knocking on my door!
Yep that's right she has learned how to get out of the crib!!!
Now I know most people don't get this long to live in peaceful confidence that your child will be where you left them when you wake up, but I was hoping it would go on forever lol!
Not sure what I'm going to do guess I'll have to have the baby monitor set up again so I can make sure she isn't touring her room when she should be sleeping.
How did you guys deal with your escape artists?

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  1. Mine escaped when he was 14 months, so off to the shop and bought him a grown up bed, never looked back, He goes down between 7 & 8 and sleeps till 6.30-7.30 which is great as I have the night for knitting.