Notes from a knitting mom

Notes from a knitting mom

Friday, April 30, 2010

The sound that has changed my life forever!

My lovely 2 and a half year old daughter woke me up this morning by knocking on my door!
Yep that's right she has learned how to get out of the crib!!!
Now I know most people don't get this long to live in peaceful confidence that your child will be where you left them when you wake up, but I was hoping it would go on forever lol!
Not sure what I'm going to do guess I'll have to have the baby monitor set up again so I can make sure she isn't touring her room when she should be sleeping.
How did you guys deal with your escape artists?

Good news sore news

Well good news is I found the camera charger! Bad news it was a rainy day.
I started skunket (my girly skunk) She has a head a body a tail and two arms. So tomorrow she should be ready for her close up!
On other news I have had a killer headache from a sore tooth and I can't get into the dentist till Wednesday! UGH!! Tooth pain is just sooo painful. I can put up with kidney stones (have had them 4 times) But tooth pain is just so hard to get on top of! Why is it you can always get a same day visit with your Dr when your in pain but the dentist is always booked up?
This is when I wish painkillers were legal to sell over the counter!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look what I found in my mail box!

I got the three books I have been waiting for! So excited!!
book oneBook two

And book three
Can't wait to get to start I think the skunk with be my first one.
I love when fun stuff comes in the mail.
Cant wait till next week when book 10 in the true blood series gets here lol I pre-ordered it back in December. Yep I'm that into the series!
Childrens knitted toys and vampires that's one odd combo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well I never found the charger so I only had enough juice for one shot and I have decided my camera sucks at photographing anything PURPLE! So yeah the photo makes me look like I have blue hair when it really looks like this
Plus you are seeing a very rare thing here. I never leave my house or take photos of myself with out my bald head covered! LOL I tried a little Donald trump comb over for you though, I couldn't bare it all for you!

So tomorrow if its sunny and I find that damn charger I will attempt another shot at the color but I'm afraid that I will be doing this with most of it covered being that our yard isn't privet. and I'm stressing enough at showing the world once my bald head.

Fun with little hair and other itchy things

Well this post is off topic a little bit.
If you know me in person you know that I don't have a lot of hair and cover my head with scarves and bandannas (sp?). I have PCOS and my mothers side of the family all have thin hair. So since I was 12 years old my hair has been falling out. My mom always let me do what I wanted with my hair being that she knew it wasn't going to be there forever.
So I like to have "colorful" hair (even if people only get to see the bangs) . I'm excited because I have a new color to try out tonight. Midnight purple! I'll post photos tonight if I can remember to charge my camera. Which means I have to remember where I left the charger ;o)
I swear my memorie is great with remembering conversations, but I can never remember where I put things!
Also my HIVES are back and I HATE that! See last year I started getting hives out of the blue just one day hives poped up on my hands and I had never had a hive before in my life. Well I had them all over my body for 5 months straight after that day! The Dr was no help cause they couldn't figure out what was causing them and they told me they would go away "someday". Well let me tell you I wanted to slap the Dr right then and there! So 3 months ago the hives just stoped dont know why but let me tell you I was soooo happy! Well that ended yesterday :o( yep they came back and I have them right now as I tell you about them. The crazy thing is that I will get one on a finger and it will drive me crazy for an hour then go away but then 2 more will show up on the other arm then those stop and then my neck will be covered! its like chasing your tail (if you were a dog) you never get to the end!
Ugh well enough griping about that, off to start dinner and then have fun with my little tuft of hair ;o)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Veggies and a chicken could be yours!

Well I decided to list the veggies and a chicken on my etsy site.

I also got to take them outside being that we had great sunny weather and got photos so that the colors really show true to life.

Check it out!

Kettle and a spoon

OK I think the gift is finely complete!
I made a bag, of my own design, that holds the veggies and chicken and spoon for storage when not in use,

but also works as the kettle when you open it for hours of enjoyment for the kiddos to "cook".
Plus I thought how can you cook with out a wooden spoon to stir with, so I made another pattern for a wooden spoon!

I think that the gift is now perfect, lol now I have to make it all again for Moira!
So here it is the kettle/bag and spoon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Veggies and a chicken

Well I made my second pattern ever last night meet spuddy!

So I now have two from scratch patterns under my belt I wonder what other odd creations are locked up in this brain of mine.So this started out as just a fun little project to make for a friends daughters birthday gift. But now I'm hooked on knitting food! lol its fun and different. I think I will try fruit next.

I love the fact that the peas come out of the pod and the husk comes off the corn. Makes it that much more fun for the kids! (I have to know remake all of these btw because my daughter loves them and wants them now too)So here it is my veggies and a chicken!
If you want a set too message me and we will set it up threw my shop
Fun way to get your 5 servings a day huh?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chicken drumstick

Well I made my first ever knitting pattern today.
Like I said I'm making veggies for my friends daughters first birthday and I thought a chicken drumstick would look cute with it, but I looked online for a pattern and couldn't find one. So I said now how hard could it be to make one myself?
And it wasn't and here it is my drumstick!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have a secret!

I’m working on a first birthday gift for a friends daughter and its cute I hope that she likes it as much as I’m liking them ;)
Any way I’m making knitted and stuffed veggies! How cute is that?? Maybe I’m the only one that thinks its that cool I hope not.
I will post picks when I have them all done.

BTW the market bag is done and photos will be coming soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Went to the beach!

Well yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day and my boyfriend had the day off work so we said lets hit the road and play at the beach.
I love the beach and I would show you photos but I don't take a camera to the beach any more because that is what killed my last camera it got sand in it and would never turn on again.
So just pictures blue sky empty beach (it was a Thursday) and TONS of rocks and shells everywhere!
So Ernie and Moira made sandcastles and I went and picked up pretty rock (that's Moira's name for them).
Here is my haul have no idea what I will do with them but I had a fun time finding them.

Also I don't drive. Hate it! Never will, makes me sick to think about it. So if I'm sitting in the car and I'm watching the other cars I jump and scare Ernie all the time at any little thing. My mind and body swear that that truck swerved into our lane or that person on the sidewalk stepped out to far into the street and we will hit them. In all reality we are fine but I stress the whole time.
So I knit while we drive so that Ernie has peace and I don't get a headache from the anxiety!

This is my new project, its a market bag and as you can see there was a lot of driving going on because I'm past half way now.

The color of the yarn is Marrakesh. So I will be finishing it today and will update with photos when its ready for sale.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

hand knit flower hair clips

I just updated my etsy site with my 100% cotton flower hair clips.
I will be adding my owl clips tomorrow!
link to the shop


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well My bazaar was today.
I don't think that the people coming in were quite my client base so it wasn't the best day ever.
Here are some photos from the day and look at the cute new stuff that will be in my shop in the coming days!
These are my 50/50 cotton acrylic hair clips the green one is missing because I sold it before I got the time to take these photo.

These are my owl hair clips
they come in sets of 2
They are made with 100% cotton.
These flower hair clips are made with 100% Cotton

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo help

I want to update the look of My shop. I think what I need are improved and more interesting photos of my items in action.

So are any of you good with a camera or good at teaching me how to be good with a camera? Can help me with a photo shoot?

I would love all suggestions, tell me what you think is missing from the photos, what would make you click on my items based on a photo, where should I take the photos????

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated because I just want to learn.

Thanks for your help!

P.S If you have a blog or shop and give me advice I will gladly recommend you and link to you on mine.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun to be made

I got two great books today! I have wanted so many books and when the two of these came to me I was so happy!

You have to look at them to see how much love there is to be had so Here they are…

Best book ever

Best book ever


another best book ever

another best book ever

oh to start making lots of fun things!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a great day! I have to go hide eggs :-)
Maybe I’ll hide some of these…img_1629

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sneak Peek

Just wanted to give you a small treat!

I’m try out some new ideas to test at the bazaar on the 10t.

What do you think? Its coming in many funky fun colors!

flower clipimg_1645

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello world

Hello world,

So I thought I should start a little blog about my life as a knitter trying to make it in the world threw

I learned how to knit from my mom when I was 8 years old but didn’t do anything more then the scarf I learned on. Then I picked it up again when I was 12, but quit after making a few sweaters for my stuffed bears. Then when I was 24 I picked up the needles for good this time and have been hooked ever since.

My knitting really took off when I became pregnant with my now 2 and a half year old daughter. She was born 8 week premature so I got really good a knitting tiny hats she was 3lbs 5ozs at birth and her head was the size of an orange.

My daughter one day old

But now she is a giant! she is over 3 feet tall and weighs 29 lbs so she didn’t stay small for long.

my daughter and I now

So being a stay at home mom in the beginning was tough with such a small and fragile life to look after that I would knit to distress. Now I knit to stay sane! She is such a hand full, completely fearless and stubborn are her top traits and oh what a fiery mix that can be!

So I like my little knitting projects because then tend to be quick and they mold to my will unlike the people in my life ;0)