Notes from a knitting mom

Notes from a knitting mom

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Goals!

Well hello 2011 nice to meet you!
I'm hoping to work well with you this year and set up schedule and stick to it!
Please work with me by adding about 100 days to your self to help me stick to said schedule when I get sucked into my vortexes of procrastination! Thank you in advance!

So yes I'm trying to be better about laying out my plan of attack so I can better balance my work and play and get things on my shop in time for people to actually buy them.
I'm also making it a goal to post on here once a week EVERY week! Plus keep my facebook page and blog frog page also updated on a weekly bases (at this point facebook is the only one weekly to daily updated) I don't twitter (have no clue how to) so that will be next years goal I think.
So now it is time to show you whats new in the shop.

This is my pom pom ear flap hat I can make it any size from newborn to adult and in any color (I made a supper cute Santa one you can see here I made a pink one and a brown and cream on for a brother and sister here and a light blue one here and I have a purple one for sale here)

These are my 3 white eggs. Great for playing with in your play kitchen. (I'm also making a set of 3 brown eggs as well) I also make them with catnip in them as cat toys.

This is my set of rainbow eggs. Great for little ones to learn their colors and just have something soft to grab throw and chew on.

This is my be my anti valentine stuffed heart. I make them as cat toys as well with a little catnip added.

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