Notes from a knitting mom

Notes from a knitting mom

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wow the time just gets away

Well here I am letting months go by with out updating.
I'm already getting bogged down with holiday orders, it seams to be coming earlier this year. Not complaining I had a very dry spring/summer in the sales department.
I took a brake from knitting today to go to the pumpkin patch today with the kiddo and I was sweating! Really it was 70! how is that possible in late October! I remember always freezing when picking out my pumpkin as a kid cause it would be raining and 60 degrees. This has been one strange summer/fall.
I have a new line of Halloween cat toys thought up but never got them made :o( oh well always next year!
I have a CRAZY Christmas tree hat with real Christmas lights, pattern thought up that I'm hoping I will have enough time to put out this year.
And lots of new play foods that are coming.
(I know I should have been better about making my stock in the summer but I just didnt want to knit then)
Ok enough talking back to work!

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